September 25th, 2013


Our recent trip to LA produced many things (all of which we’ll share in another post!) but one of the best things we made happen out west is a short film about a very special jewelry designer named Jessica Seaton. Jessica’s collection is entirely hand sculpted and cast using the ancient method of lost wax. The results are simultaneously amazing, creepy, beautiful and stunning. Her work is informed not only by her mild obsession with death, rebirth and ‘everything old,’ but by her incredible surroundings in the hills of Topanga. Her life in solitude is dedicated to being free, make what she wants to make and live the kind of life she wants to live minus the constraints of what we grow up believing. We were inspired by her bravery and confidence and can’t wait to see the finished video. Until then, enjoy some behind the scenes selects…

Hit Heyoka Hideout for the total Topanga shopping experience.

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