March 18th, 2013

OPTICS: sxsw 2013

It is mid-March (can you believe it?) and the SXSW Conference and Festival has just finished. In case you live under a rock, SXSW is a gathering of creative minds and spirits - focused on Interactive, Film, and Music - in Austin, Texas. It has become the launching ground for countless innovative ideas and products, from Twitter to Foursquare to this year’s Google smart shoe. SXSW is always looking towards the future. 

One of our favorite video platforms, Vimeo, announced their new initiative at this year’s SXSWVimeo On Demand. Though we all may love Netflix and Hulu, their available content is limited to major producers and directors. Vimeo has now created a revenue-building platform for its users to distribute their personal content at a 90% profit. The middleman is eliminated, and film-makers exercise full control over their work. A beautiful video player, and a way for creators to capture value. 

It is thrilling to see creativity encouraged in such a voracious fashion. GE sponsored a two-hour ‘brilliant brunch’ at SXSW, bringing together a mix of characters to the table to discuss numerous topics, including the path to creativity. See that video here. Understanding and experiencing the creative process is one of our major focuses here at Shine. 

Speaking of eclectic creativity, SXSW also happens to attract some awesome style; we especially dig the rocker looks below and in photo 13.


(Clay Standley, Huffington Post)

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